Lately, Fentanyl has been making news on a regular basis. The drug has grown in popularity and has resulted in what some people refer to as an epidemic. Because of the bad publicity, the California legislature has taken a firm stance against the drug. If you find yourself facing fentanyl possession charges, the stakes are […] Read more

On October 13, 2019, Governor Gavin Newsome signed Assembly Bill 218 into law. This groundbreaking legislation was introduced to combat widespread instances of adults sexually abusing minors while increasing the amount of time for victims to pursue damages. More notably, the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts of America, as well as the U.S. Olympics team, have […] Read more

A 27-year-old man is facing two counts of criminal burglary charges. According to reports, he was found in possession of several items reported missing from the Fallbrook and Bonsall homes. If convicted, the man will face up to 12 years behind bars. Burglary Can be a Misdemeanor or a Felony Burglary is the crime of […] Read more

A San Diego man has been arrested on felony hit and run charges after leaving the scene of an accident. According to reports, the man struck and seriously injured 32-year-old pedestrian as he was crossing N. Magnolia Avenue in Santee. The man immediately fled the scene, but did return after the police the EMTs arrived. […] Read more

A San Diego photographer has been arrested for sexually abusing several teenage girls during private photoshoot sessions. According to reports, 52-year-old Robert Koester encouraged the girls to pose nude before touching them inappropriately. He also photographed himself in the nude with at least one of the girls. He’s accused of sexually abusing at least four […] Read more

A 15-year-old Bakersfield teen gave birth to a baby boy in a bathroom at her home. Now the teen’s mother is facing murder charges. According to reports, Beant Kaur Dhillon drowned the child and buried him in the back yard after learning that her daughter had given birth. She admitted to police that her goal […] Read more

Recreational marijuana has been legal in California for more than a year. However, there are still laws that regulate how, when, and where marijuana can be sold. Selling marijuana in violation of these laws can carry harsh consequences. A 24-year-old San Diego man recently learned this lesson the hard way after he was arrested for […] Read more

Understanding DUI Under 23152(a) VC

A man was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI after he almost hit two men in the parking lot of a San Diego In-N-Out restaurant. According to police, the man was driving in a “reckless manner” and unable to control the vehicle. Once the vehicle came to a stop, the driver got out and started […] Read more

A man is facing criminal charges for driving his car into an El Cajon motel. According to reports, the man got into a verbal altercation with the motel’s front desk clerk and threatened to hurt him. A few hours later, the man returned and intentionally drove his car into the building. The clerk sustained serious […] Read more

A 23-year-old Spring Valley man is facing multiple criminal charges for, among other things, being under the influence of a controlled substance. According to reports, police were called when the man allegedly threatened several gas station customers with a knife. The man was promptly detained by police when they arrived on the scene. Narcotics and […] Read more

The Burden of Proof in Criminal and Civil Cases

Crimes have consequences. However, those consequences aren’t just limited to time behind bars and fines. It’s also possible to face non-criminal consequences if your actions caused another person to get hurt. That person may have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against you to recover compensation, something that would require a personal injury […] Read more

Can I Give Marijuana As a Gift?

Recreational marijuana became legal in the state of California at the beginning of the year. This holiday season, you may be wondering if you can give marijuana as a gift to your friends and family. Generally speaking, gifting marijuana is legal. However, you’ll have to make sure that you keep your gift within the boundaries […] Read more

A San Diego man has been arrested for his suspected role in a 2016 San Diego murder. For the past two years, police have suspected that the man accused of the murder had help fleeing the scene. Earlier this month, the District Attorney’s Office received a tip that pointed them in the direction of 23-year-old […] Read more

Earlier this year, the San Diego Police Department came under fire when two of its deputies were accused of misconduct. Video footage recorded by a bystander during an arrest showed the two deputies “repeatedly punching” and “shoving” two suspects. Those two suspects were in handcuffs and not resisting the officers’ commands. The incident sparked several […] Read more

What is Shock Probation?

Sometimes just getting a taste of jail or prison can be enough to deter future criminal behavior. Courts hope that requiring (mostly young) offenders to spend a little bit of time behind bars can open their eyes to the consequences of crime. This is the fundamental purpose of shock probation. What’s the Purpose of Shock […] Read more

San Diego Man Facing Charges for Resisting Arrest

San Diego police officers responded to a 911 call after midnight reporting shots fired in a Sunset Cliffs home. Shortly after arriving on the scene, more shots were fired from within the home. A SWAT team was called for additional backup. After an hour-long standoff, police took custody of two men believed to have been […] Read more

What is a Section 991 Motion?

Once you’ve been arrested for a crime, California law requires the state to hold an arraignment. The arraignment is the first formal hearing in your criminal case. In many cases, the arraignment must be held within 48 hours of your arrest. At the arraignment, a judge will explain your rights and read a list of […] Read more

What Happens When I Skip Jury Duty?

Few people get excited when they’re notified that they’ve been selected for jury duty. It’s easy to see why: jury duty can require you to put your life on hold for little-to-no money. Instead of going to work and bringing home much-needed income, you have to trek down to the courthouse and sit through tedious […] Read more

California Replaces Money Bail with Risk Assessment

California recently became the first state in the country to ditch the money bail system. The new law prevents courts from assigning bail to defendants following an arrest. Instead, whether or not a defendant should be released will depend on that person’s perceived threat to society. The shift away from money bail is intended to […] Read more

How to Get a Restraining Order Against a Minor

Teen dating violence continues to be a problem in California and across the country. If you are a parent, you may be frustrated if your attempts to talk with the abusive partner and/or their parents have not been successful. What can you do to protect your child from another child? In California, you do have […] Read more

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