Understanding Petty Theft

What happens if you’re working on a political campaign and you steal your opponent’s signs? Two young women who were worked on a Poway city council campaign in 2016 have learned that this behavior can result in criminal charges. Erin Leonard and Whitney Rosen, two Poway city council campaign workers, were both charged with misdemeanor […] Read more


What is Return Fraud?

This holiday season, many San Diego retailers will be on high alert for any acts of fraud and theft that may hurt their bottom line. This includes acts return fraud, which occurs when you return property that you have not purchased. Return fraud can occur when you steal an item and return it in exchange […] Read more


Defrauding an Innkeeper in San Diego

Perhaps you have heard of people who go to an expensive restaurant, eat a nice meal, then surreptitiously slip out of the restaurant without paying. Also known as “dine and dash,” this offense is more properly known as defrauding an innkeeper, and can have serious consequences. The crime is detailed under California Penal Code 537, […] Read more

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Property Theft Crimes on the Rise in San Diego

According to a recent FBI Investigation, San Diego has been experiencing a significant rise in property crimes. Property crimes include a variety of offenses, but most commonly include burglary, robbery, shoplifting, and receiving stolen property. While each of these crimes is charged differently under different circumstances, each may have a serious effect on your future and […] Read more


Caught Stealing? Overview on Shoplifting


Retail theft is a crime that spans across all ages and socioeconomic statuses and is something that many people do at some point in their lives. However, shoplifting can have serious consequences that can affect your criminal history, future, and livelihood, and criminal charges for shoplifting should be taken very seriously. Understanding the theft charges filed […] Read more

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