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San Marcos Criminal Defense Attorney

San Marcos Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you or someone you love been arrested for a crime in San Marcos? Contact criminal defense lawyer Vikas Bajaj for immediate legal assistance. We know that a conviction can be devastating for you and your family. Not only can you be sentenced to time behind bars, steep fines, and mandatory counseling, but you will also be burdened with a criminal record. This will make it tough to do things you once took for granted, like applying for a job or renting an apartment. We can help you avoid the negative consequences of your arrest. Call us today to set up a free consultation to learn more.

Our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers have nearly two decades of experience. During this time, we have helped thousands of clients who have faced serious criminal charges for drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes, and more. We understand that your future is at stake and will aggressively fight to secure a reduction or dismissal of the criminal charges in your case.

Crime in San Marcos

San Marcos is a popular San Diego city that is the home to approximately 84,000 people. According to FBI statistics, San Marcos is also the home to a significant amount of crime. The city’s crime index is 38, meaning that it is only safer than 38 percent of cities in the country. In 2015, there were 1,791 reported crimes in San Marcos. Property crimes occur much more frequently than violent crime, accounting for nearly 90 percent of the offenses. Commonly reported property crimes in San Marcos include burglary and theft. Commonly reported violent crimes in San Marcos include rape, robbery, and assault.

Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You should hire an attorney to handle your criminal defense because the stakes are incredibly high. When you are arrested the state will have the resources and experienced professionals it needs to build a strong case against you. Their job will be considerably easier if you decide not to hire an attorney. When you are being interrogated or questioned by the police they will know how to manipulate an already stressful situation to get the result they want.

They may lie and tell you that they have a witness, when in reality they are fishing for a confession. They may overstate the amount of evidence they have in their case. They may paint a picture of your future that is so terrifying that you will be eager to agree to a plea bargain. This agreement will not be in your best interest, but will be a win for the state. Hiring an attorney takes away any advantage the state has in your case. Your chances of getting a successful outcome in your case – whether that is a reduction in charges or an outright dismissal – are best when you have an experienced San Marcos criminal defense attorney on your side.

What Are the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction?

Vikas Bajaj will fight tirelessly to achieve a positive outcome in your criminal case because the consequences of a conviction can stay with you for life. There are two primary consequences of a criminal conviction: court-imposed penalties and collateral consequences.

Court-Imposed Criminal Penalties

When you are convicted of a crime you will be required to complete the terms of a criminal sentence. This sentence will either be proposed by the prosecution as part of a plea agreement or determined by a judge in a sentencing hearing. In either case, the sentence will be determined by balancing factors relevant to your case, including:

  • The crime itself;
  • The degree of harm suffered by any victims;
  • The use of a dangerous weapon and/or firearm; and
  • Your existing criminal record.

Possible court-imposed criminal sentences may include jail or prison time, fines, restitution, probation, and/or community service.

Collateral Consequences

Once you have been convicted of a crime a record of your criminal history will be created. In most situations, this record will stay with you for life. There are times, especially for non-violent misdemeanors, that you may be able to get your record expunged or sealed, which can make life a little bit easier. Simply having this criminal record will make it difficult to live a normal life. You will be subject to collateral consequences, which are civil and social penalties that are not related to your specific crime. Instead, these consequences exist because you have a criminal record. Examples of collateral consequences of a conviction include:

  • Loss of professional licenses;
  • Loss of gun ownership rights;
  • Inability to participate in government welfare programs;
  • Inability to find employment in education and government positions;
  • Difficulty finding meaningful employment; and
  • Loss of child custody/visitation rights.

San Marcos Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Our experienced San Marcos criminal defense attorneys have handled thousands of criminal matters, successfully achieving positive results for many clients just like you. No case is too small. We will fight aggressively and defend you against criminal charges for:

Call us today for a complete list of our practice areas and to learn about how we can help you following your San Marcos arrest.

What Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Early intervention in your criminal case is essential for a successful outcome, so we will get to work on your case as soon as you hire us. Our job will be to investigate, research, negotiate and (if necessary) litigate your case to achieve the best possible outcome.


We will never rely on the state’s investigation into your alleged offense. Instead, we will thoroughly look into your alleged crime to draw our own conclusions and gather our own evidence. This investigation may involve:

  • Confirming and establishing alibis;
  • Analyzing crime scene reports and evidence; and
  • Consulting with forensic, medical, and other experts.


Legal research of existing case law will play an important role in the creation of your legal defense. We will search for cases that are similar to your to learn about how they have been decided in the past. Using this information, we will understand the best legal strategies for your specific case. We will merge the results of our investigation and research to create a persuasive legal argument in your defense.


Part of our analysis will be determining where the prosecution’s case against you is weak. We will take advantage of these weaknesses and fight to negotiate a reduction in or dismissal of the charges in your case. When we receive plea offers from the state you will have the opportunity to review each one. We can help to guide you in your decision to accept or reject those offers.


Most criminal cases are settled in pre-trial negotiations, but it is possible that your case could wind up in court. If we are not satisfied with the offers you receive we will not hesitate to try your case before a jury. The attorneys at the Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC understand how to connect with a jury by making passionate and logical arguments. We have successfully tried more than 55 jury trials, and are confident we can achieve a positive result for you.

Defenses to Criminal Charges in San Marcos

You have the right to defend yourself when you have been accused of a crime in San Marcos. There are certain defenses that are commonly argued in criminal cases, most of which attempt to explain or excuse alleged criminal conduct. Successfully arguing these defenses will help to minimize the consequences of your arrest. Defenses that may be argued include:

  • Self-defense;
  • Lack of intent;
  • Lack of knowledge;
  • Insanity;
  • Intoxication;
  • Force or duress; and
  • Violation of your Constitutional rights.

Experienced San Marcos Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing criminal charges in San Marcos do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC for immediate legal assistance. We have nearly two decades of experience handling complex criminal cases, and know how to get you the best result in your case. The prosecution will begin to create its case against you immediately, so it is important to call us as soon as you can. Our attorneys are standing by to review your case, explain your rights, and answer any questions you have.

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