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The story of “The Box” is not unlike many other smaller California cities. El Cajon was a sleepy little railroad junction for many years that experienced a population boom in the latter third of the 20th century (the town’s population tripled between 1960 and 1990). El Cajon is also a prototypical California city in terms of its climate, although there is a little more rain closer to the mountains in the east. Today, with one of the largest Iraqi communities in the country, El Cajon is very diverse; because of its lack of large employers and a rather remote location, it is not very affluent. For quick proceedings in criminal charges, call El Cajon Criminal Defense Attorney Vikas Bajaj today.

California cities like El Cajon love to talk about their good climate and relatively low cost of living, but they usually do not want to talk about the epidemic of domestic violence in such places. 40 percent of women have experienced relationship violence in the Golden State, and that’s almost twice the national average. The problem is especially acute among younger women, as dating violence is in the double digits even among high school-aged girls. Because of these statistics, law enforcement officers in El Cajon make lots of domestic battery arrests, and prosecutors bring the most serious charges that the facts possibly support.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

El Cajon criminal defense attorney

Many people have trouble seeing past the immediate problem and looking at the bigger picture, and truth be told, some lawyers are rather myopic as well. A quick “get it over with” guilty or no contest plea is sometimes in everyone’s best interest, but many cases, like domestic battery, have such dire collateral consequences that such an approach may be a mistake.

California has rather liberal expungement laws, but a domestic violence conviction is much harder to remove from a criminal record. Moreover, although the offense is a misdemeanor, domestic battery is a crime of violence that could pose serious immigration problems. Finally, such a conviction effectively takes joint custody off the table in family law cases, even if the case did not involve the same parties.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

At the Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC, we fully understand both the immediate and long-term consequences of criminal convictions, which is why we aggressively take on state prosecutors in cases like:

  • Domestic Battery: The law is very broad and the consequences are severe. So, the best approach in these cases may be to arrange a plea to a lesser included offense, such as aggravated trespass (Penal Code 601) or disturbing the peace (PC 415).
  • Expungement: As mentioned earlier, California has very liberal expunction laws, so after a waiting period, many people are able to remove criminal convictions from their records and keep them hidden, at least for most purposes.
  • Drug Crimes: By nature, these cases are procedurally-intensive. Police officers must do the right thing at the right time, or the case will probably be thrown out of court. For example, officers must have probable cause to search a specific place at a certain time for a particular object.
  • DUI: Thanks to per se laws a lower BAC limit, and some other legal changes, these cases are now easier for prosecutors to win. Furthermore, thanks to roadside checkpoints and other innovations, DUI laws are easier for police officers to enforce.

We also handle theft cases and all manner of property crimes cases, juvenile defense, sex crimes, and other criminal defense matters in and around San Diego County.

Trusted Professional Athletes & High Profile Attorney

An athlete might have to face many legal challenges that are extremely difficult. Challenges related to a high-profile case are always unique. There are many instances when a professional sports person like a football, baseball, and basketball player in El Cajon might have faced criminal charges or disputes with managers, employers, or any organization led to legal charges. A high-profile athlete might be a target in some difficult situations, and herein it is important to have an attorney who specializes in criminal defense to help & guide you through the legal process. Our criminal defense attorney, Vikas Bajaj, will work to handle criminal charges against you.

Our Approach Towards Your Case

A good lawyer knows when to relentlessly attack the state’s case and when to find common ground and be a prudent negotiator because effective representation requires both these things. As a matter of fact, despite the appearance in movies and TV, negotiation may be a bigger part of the job than trial advocacy, because only about three or four cases out of every hundred go to trial.

To be a good negotiator, attorneys must leverage a combination of skill and experience. They must understand all the facts and know-how the law applies to these facts, and they must also know something about the tendency of jurors in that jurisdiction. Only by considering all these elements can attorneys estimate a case’s settlement value and obtain the best deal possible for their clients.

Speak to an Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC, we intend to make the El Cajon-area community a better place by providing a zealous defense to accused persons so you can call our El Cajon criminal defense attorney, Vikas Bajaj for a initial consultation.