Domestic Violence Statistics In San Diego


Every city and state in the U.S. has a problem with domestic violence. In fact, the domestic violence statistics are staggering. Men and women alike suffer at the hands of their partners. About 24% of women in the U.S. have experienced domestic violence at one point or another. Approximately 14% of men were victims. Learn more about the statistics in San Diego and how it compares with the rest of the country. 

Who Are the Victims of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence victims come in many forms. Although men can be victims of abuse, about 80% of the victims are women. 

Many victims are the wives or partners of their abusers. However, victims can also be the parents, children, or other relatives of their abusers. 

In California, there are more victims of domestic violence per capita than the nationwide average. But this does not mean that people in California are more likely to be abused than people in other states. It just shows a need for more resources.

People of any background can be victims of domestic violence. But there is some research that shows certain women are more likely to experience than others. For instance, non-white women reported more incidents of domestic violence than white women. Women between the ages of 18 and 29 reported higher rates of violence than other age groups. The same is true of women with low incomes.

It’s important to note that that information is based on one survey. In reality, anyone can be a victim. Their background is irrelevant.

What the Numbers Say

According to a CDC survey, 32.9% of women in California have been victims of violence, sexual violence, or stalking. Although not all of these women experienced domestic violence, many of them did.

The same study also stated that 4.5 million women in California went through some type of domestic violence incident. However, these numbers shouldn’t be taken at face value. Some of the women who confirmed their abuse may have experienced the abuse in a different state. 

The California Women’s Health Survey had similar statistics. According to one year’s responses, 40% of women in California experienced violence at the hands of an intimate partner.

How Does San Diego Stack Up?

San Diego is no stranger to domestic violence. In 2017, San Diego law enforcement received 17,306 reports of domestic violence. This number was four percent higher than the previous year, according to the Criminal Justice Research Division. 

While many of those incidents only resulted in injuries, some also resulted in deaths. There were eight domestic violence-related homicides in 2017 that involved current or former intimate partners. Domestic violence incidents involved a death in four other instances. Five domestic violence offenders killed themselves. 

Children and Domestic Violence

Although many people think of intimate partners as victims of domestic violence, children can also be involved. Out of 100 reported cases of domestic violence in San Diego, 37% of them involved children. 

Child Welfare Services (CWS) has seen first-hand how domestic violence can impact families. In 32.8% of the family assessments made by CWS in 2017, domestic violence was a factor

Drug Use and Domestic Violence

Sometimes, there is an explanation for the violence. The San Diego County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team reported that 33% of offenders of domestic violence fatalities had a history of using methamphetamines. About 24% of them used methamphetamine shortly before committing the homicide.

Are the Statistics Accurate?

Domestic violence is difficult to measure. There are several reasons for this. For one, not all victims report the abuse. Sadly, there are many who continue to live with their abusers. They are afraid to report their abuse, even if it is on an anonymous survey. Other individuals don’t realize they are victims of abuse. This skews the statistics.

Secondly, domestic violence surveys all have unique methodologies. There are different ways to define domestic violence, and those ways can impact the results of the survey.

Finally, there’s the fact that not everyone accused of domestic violence is guilty. The Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC knows how much a wrongful conviction can impact your life. A domestic violence charge comes with serious penalties. You could receive jail time, fines, and a permanent felony conviction. Although the penalty depends on the specifics of the incident, any domestic violence conviction can ruin your life.

 If you’re ready to fight for justice, contact us today. Our office can tell you more about how you can defend the charges and seek a fair outcome.