National City Criminal Defense Attorney

The traditional home of the Kumeyaay people became what would eventually be National City when, in 1868, three brothers from San Francisco vastly improved the area’s transportation network and other infrastructure. Today, thanks largely to sustained redevelopment efforts and three very active Neighborhood Councils, National City is a somewhat popular tourist and meetings destination as well as the most walkable city in San Diego County. A good National City criminal defense attorney would help you understand the criminal law in detail.

Unfortunately, people need to be careful where and what time they walk in National City, because although the crime rate has dropped since the 1990s, the town’s violent crime rate is still among the highest in San Diego County. Drug and gang activity probably fuels much of this crime. In response, police officers usually heavily patrol much of National City, and many people are caught in the ensuing dragnet.

National City criminal defense attorney

How a National City Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

At the Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC, we provide a comprehensive defense in criminal cases. That defense usually begins at the arraignment, when we argue for the most favorable pretrial release terms possible in terms of bail amount and supervision conditions. Next, we thoroughly review the law to find all the defenses available, while also reducing the amount of evidence the prosecutor can use in court. Finally, either in pretrial plea negotiations or at trial, we fight to secure the best possible result under the circumstances. We follow the same approach in:

  • Assault and Battery: Most of these offenses are “wobblers” that can result in either misdemeanor or felony charges; additionally, some of these crimes fall under domestic violence, aggravated felonies, and other labels, while some do not.
  • Theft: One of the most basic crimes in the Penal Code can also have one of the worst long-term effects, because theft is generally a crime of moral turpitude.
  • Gun Crimes: The Second Amendment gives people the right to keep and bear arms, but California law sharply limits a person’s ability to transport these weapons, and unlawful possession alone is a serious crime.
  • Sex Crimes: In most of these cases, the alleged victim knows the defendant, a dynamic that raises many questions in terms of bias and motivation in bringing the accusations.

We also handle alcohol and drug DUI, aggravated DUI, domestic violence, and many other criminal cases in San Diego County and nearby jurisdictions.

For aggressive representation in violent and other criminal cases arising in National City, contact the Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC for an intiial consultation.

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