Drug Possession Lawyer in San Diego


In 2018, there were 3,406 arrests and citations for meth in the city of San Diego. Other drugs, like cocaine and fentanyl, also resulted in many arrests. The city has a drug problem, and the court does not look favorably upon drug offenders. Although possession may seem like a minor offense, it could come with serious consequences. If you’ve been accused of the crime, you should hire a drug possession lawyer in San Diego.

The prosecutor won’t hesitate to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. For that reason, you need an experienced lawyer who will fight for your rights. The Law Office of Vikas Bajaj wants to protect your future and prevent you from being a victim of the justice system.

The Reality of Drug Possession in San Diego

For over a decade, the San Diego police have waged a war against drugs. In 1998, there were 1,425 drug offenses reported in the city. Marijuana was the biggest problem, followed by cocaine and meth. 

Despite law enforcement’s efforts to curb drug use, drug use remains prevalent in San Diego. Today, new drugs like fentanyl have made the scene even more dangerous. The misuse of prescription medication has also become an issue.

If you’re arrested for a drug crime, you should know a little about San Diego drug possession law. Furthermore, you should look for a San Diego drug possession lawyer to represent you. 

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for Drug Possession?

It’s impossible to say how much your legal representation will cost. This is due to the fact that every drug possession case is different. If you have a simple and straightforward case that’s in your favor, your lawyer may be able to get the charges dismissed before it ever goes to court. However, other cases will make it to trial and require months or years of diligent legal work.

Generally, the longer your case, the more it will cost you. Most lawyers charge by the hour. Although there are some that will charge a flat fee, this practice is unusual for criminal cases. You should be wary of a drug possession lawyer in San Diego who agrees to take on your drug possession case for a flat fee. 

If you’re concerned about the cost of your case, ask your lawyer about their rates. While they won’t be able to tell you exactly how much your case will cost, they should be able to give you an estimate.

You shouldn’t let the cost of a lawyer keep you from hiring your own attorney. After all, how much is your future worth? If you use a public defender, your future could be at risk. You could spend years in jail and have a permanent conviction on your record. 

Can Drug Possession Charges Be Dropped or Dismissed?

If you’re facing charges for drug possession, you’ve probably prepared yourself for the worst possible outcome. But there’s no guarantee you’ll receive the maximum penalty. In fact, you may not face any penalty whatsoever. In some cases, your possession charges could be dropped. San Diego drug possession law could be in your favor.

There are several ways in which your lawyer could get the charges dropped. The odds could be in your favor, as the courts are busy and drug possession charges aren’t a top priority. If there isn’t strong evidence against your innocence, the prosecutor may be eager to drop the case.

A lack of evidence isn’t the only potential defense. For instance, the prosecutor could fail to provide your lawyer with materials during the discovery process. Failing to disclose evidence could be enough to destroy their case against you.

Diversion Programs

If you were caught with a small quantity of drugs, having the charges dropped is a possibility. You may be able to go through a diversion program and pay fines. After the program is complete and your fines are paid, your sentence could be served and your charges dropped. 

Although this option isn’t available to everyone, it is available to some. As long as you remain clean after your program, you won’t have a criminal record.

Illegal Searches

The police find drugs in many ways. While some of those ways are legal, others are not. Performing a search without a warrant could be the reason your charges are dropped. Similarly, doing a search in an area not included in a warrant may also leave the police in the wrong. The drugs found in the search would not be allowed as evidence, which leaves the prosecutor with no case.

Can You Be Charged with Possession If You Are High?

If the police notice you acting strangely, they may believe that you are on drugs. Although this isn’t enough to get you charged with the possession of drugs, it is enough to charge you with being under the influence of drugs.

To be convicted of possession, you need to have drugs on your body or property. If you’re high but have no drugs on or near you, there’s no way for the police charge you with possession. But your behavior could imply that you’ve used drugs recently. By running a blood test or having a DRE examine you, they may determine that you are under the influence of drugs.

Whether you’re facing possession or under the influence charges, you stand to lose a great deal. Any criminal conviction could derail your career or leave you without a place to live. Even worse, many people convicted of drug crimes must serve jail time and pay high fines. Your life could change forever. 

Getting Help with Your Case

Here at the Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC, we are ready to help those accused of drug crimes defend themselves. With years of experience in the industry, we have a drug possession lawyer in San Diego who knows what it takes to get results. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can start fighting for your life. Give us a call today and get started.