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After being charged with a crime, all that matters is hiring an experienced criminal lawyer to protect your freedom. Attorney Vikas Bajaj is widely considered to be the best San Diego criminal defense lawyer and is regularly featured in local and national news.

With 19 years of experience, the Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC – the best San Diego criminal defense lawyer has successfully handled every type of criminal case. What sets Mr. Bajaj apart from many other criminal defense lawyers is his unmatched wins in the courtroom and respect among law enforcement and prosecutors.

Whether it is the city attorney, district attorney, or federal United States attorney, Mr. Bajaj has secured good relationships founded upon his trial success and years of experience. Mr. Bajaj uses his reputation in the courtroom and with law enforcement to your benefit, often resulting in reduced or dismissed charges.

Beyond his courtroom experience, Mr. Bajaj actively investigates your case from the moment you hire him. This includes reaching out to law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office before they charge you with an offense. Our goal is to stop the investigation before the prosecutor even files charges against you.

If the trial does become necessary, then there is no one more experienced at presenting your case to the jury than Mr. Bajaj. He commands the courtroom with his skill, knowledge, and poise. Further, he will aggressively cross-examine any so-called “expert” or witness the prosecution calls to attack you.

When your freedom is on the line, you need the best representation available by the San Diego criminal defense lawyer.

We invite you to come to court to see Mr. Bajaj in action. We are confident that after you see how he defends his clients, you will hire him on the spot – as many others have in the past.


University of Texas – Austin, J.D. (2001)


  • 20 Years experience handling criminal matters
  • Attended a top ranked law school
  • Has successfully handled numerous jury trials for clients facing life prison sentences