What is Deferred Entry of Judgment in San Diego

Two San Diego men have been charged in connection with theft of government property. According to reports, the two men worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs (“the VA”) and took advantage of agency-issued credit cards. Rather than using the cards to purchase items for the VA, the men bought personal items valued at $23,000 […] Read more

California has always had some of the country’s most progressive marijuana laws. In 1996, the state became the first to formally legalize medicinal marijuana. Twenty years later, California residents voted in favor of Proposition 64, which legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Despite the fact that most marijuana use has been legalized, it can still […] Read more

Are Escorts Legal in San Diego?

If you scan the classifieds in your local paper or perform a simple search on a site like Craigslist or BackPage, you’ll undoubtedly find advertisements for escorts in your area. Contrary to popular belief, escorts are legal in San Diego. However, there is a very fine line between an escort and a prostitute. Escorts are […] Read more

Is San Diego Safe?

How safe is San Diego? That’s one question that is frequently asked by many of San Diego’s 35 million annual tourists. While San Diego is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country, many guests express concern about their safety while visiting the seaside metropolitan area. Generally speaking, San Diego is a fairly […] Read more

Can I Be Arrested For Giving Someone an STD?

California recently reported that STDs are on the rise in the state. In fact, there has been a 45 percent increase in reported STD cases over the past five years. In 2017, there were more than 300,000 reported cases involving syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. While many STDs are treatable, some can cause serious side effects. […] Read more

What is the Legal BAC in San Diego?

The consequences of a DUI in San Diego can be very serious. The easiest way to get a DUI is by driving while your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above the legal limit. So, what is the legal BAC limit in California? How much alcohol has to be in your system before you can face […] Read more

What is an Indictment?

If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to the news lately, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about indictments. While you may know that an indictment has something to do with the law, you may not know exactly what it is. What is an indictment? What does it me to be indicted? When […] Read more

Understanding California’s Revenge Porn Law

A Los Angeles woman was recently awarded $6.45 million in damages by a federal judge because her ex-boyfriend published sexually-explicit photos of her on the internet. The award is one of the largest ever ordered in a non-celebrity revenge porn lawsuit. According to reports, the Los Angeles woman briefly dated her ex in 2013 before […] Read more

What is a Subpoena?

Subpoenas have been making the news a lot lately. Every day, it seems as if there is a new story about someone getting subpoenaed by federal investigators in Washington, D.C. Most recently, news even broke that the president may be subpoenaed in a criminal investigation. What exactly is a subpoena, though, and why are they […] Read more

Jury Finds Cosby Guilty of Sexual Assault

Earlier this week a Pennsylvania jury was finally able to come to a unanimous decision about the criminal allegations against Bill Cosby. After escaping conviction in a first trial, Cosby was finally found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault. The jury did not take long to decide Cosby’s fate. Instead, they returned the […] Read more

When is a DUI a Felony in California?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous. California state laws prohibit drivers from getting behind the wheel while drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Violating California DUI laws can carry significant criminal penalties. Last week, at least three people were arrested on suspicion of DUI at a Chula Vista checkpoint. If any of these […] Read more

Understanding California Abortion Laws

Abortion is one of the most hotly-contested political issues in the country. Whether you are for it or against it, chances are you have a strong opinion about whether abortion should be legal. Thanks to Roe v. Wade, women have the right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. However, there are limitations […] Read more

What is a Hung Jury?

Bill Cosby is making headlines once again as he prepares to defend himself against allegations of aggravated indecent assault. Didn’t Cosby go through a trial for those very charges last year? Doesn’t double jeopardy protect Cosby from being tried again? Since Cosby’s trial resulted in a hung jury, the rules of double jeopardy don’t apply. […] Read more

Police in San Diego are searching for two people believed to be involved in an ongoing identity theft case. According to reports, four people were spotted on multiple surveillance cameras making purchases with credit cards that had been reported stolen by its owner. The owner claims that she either lost the cards or that they […] Read more

Understanding California’s 10-20-Life Law

California’s “Use a Gun and You’re Done” law imposes additional penalties when you commit certain crimes using a gun. The penalty enhancement was originally implemented in 1998 as a way to deter you from using guns to commit violent crimes. The thought was that if you knew that you could face additional time in prison […] Read more

Consequences of False Rape Allegations

Victims of sexual assault and violence continue to speak out about their personal experiences. While it is great that these victims are finding the courage to open up about very intimate details of their lives, this movement has also created a culture that can foster false allegations. During a time when all allegations of sexual […] Read more

Understanding California’s Three Strikes Law

California lawmakers recently proposed amendments to the state’s “Three Strikes and You’re Out Law.” Under the state’s current law, criminal defendants who have been previously convicted of a serious felony can face incredibly harsh mandatory minimum sentences for any future convictions. In some cases, a conviction for a relatively minor felony (e.g., shoplifting, drug possession) […] Read more

Understanding Bomb Threats

Bomb threats have become incredibly common in today’s society. They are so common, in fact, that schools regularly hold evacuation drills to teach students what to do if a bomb threat ever happens. Even if a bomb is never detonated, or if there was never a bomb to begin with, making a bomb threat is […] Read more

Understanding Petty Theft

What happens if you’re working on a political campaign and you steal your opponent’s signs? Two young women who were worked on a Poway city council campaign in 2016 have learned that this behavior can result in criminal charges. Erin Leonard and Whitney Rosen, two Poway city council campaign workers, were both charged with misdemeanor […] Read more

If you are facing charges for a crime in San Diego, fleeing the state will not do much good. Similarly, if you have committed a crime in another state, fleeing to California for safety will not be particularly useful. This is because California has extradition rules in place, meaning that California will not protect suspected […] Read more

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