When is a DUI a Felony in California?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous. California state laws prohibit drivers from getting behind the wheel while drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Violating California DUI laws can carry significant criminal penalties. Last week, at least three people were arrested on suspicion of DUI at a Chula Vista checkpoint. If any of these […] Read More

Understanding California Abortion Laws

Abortion is one of the most hotly-contested political issues in the country. Whether you are for it or against it, chances are you have a strong opinion about whether abortion should be legal. Thanks to Roe v. Wade, women have the right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. However, there are limitations […] Read More

What is a Hung Jury?

Bill Cosby is making headlines once again as he prepares to defend himself against allegations of aggravated indecent assault. Didn’t Cosby go through a trial for those very charges last year? Doesn’t double jeopardy protect Cosby from being tried again? Since Cosby’s trial resulted in a hung jury, the rules of double jeopardy don’t apply. […] Read More

Police in San Diego are searching for two people believed to be involved in an ongoing identity theft case. According to reports, four people were spotted on multiple surveillance cameras making purchases with credit cards that had been reported stolen by its owner. The owner claims that she either lost the cards or that they […] Read More

Understanding California’s 10-20-Life Law

California’s “Use a Gun and You’re Done” law imposes additional penalties when you commit certain crimes using a gun. The penalty enhancement was originally implemented in 1998 as a way to deter you from using guns to commit violent crimes. The thought was that if you knew that you could face additional time in prison […] Read More

Consequences of False Rape Allegations

Victims of sexual assault and violence continue to speak out about their personal experiences. While it is great that these victims are finding the courage to open up about very intimate details of their lives, this movement has also created a culture that can foster false allegations. During a time when all allegations of sexual […] Read More

Understanding California’s Three Strikes Law

California lawmakers recently proposed amendments to the state’s “Three Strikes and You’re Out Law.” Under the state’s current law, criminal defendants who have been previously convicted of a serious felony can face incredibly harsh mandatory minimum sentences for any future convictions. In some cases, a conviction for a relatively minor felony (e.g., shoplifting, drug possession) […] Read More

Understanding Bomb Threats

Bomb threats have become incredibly common in today’s society. They are so common, in fact, that schools regularly hold evacuation drills to teach students what to do if a bomb threat ever happens. Even if a bomb is never detonated, or if there was never a bomb to begin with, making a bomb threat is […] Read More

Understanding Petty Theft

What happens if you’re working on a political campaign and you steal your opponent’s signs? Two young women who were worked on a Poway city council campaign in 2016 have learned that this behavior can result in criminal charges. Erin Leonard and Whitney Rosen, two Poway city council campaign workers, were both charged with misdemeanor […] Read More

If you are facing charges for a crime in San Diego, fleeing the state will not do much good. Similarly, if you have committed a crime in another state, fleeing to California for safety will not be particularly useful. This is because California has extradition rules in place, meaning that California will not protect suspected […] Read More

Understanding Vehicular Manslaughter in California

A San Diego man is facing criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter after he caused the death of an East Village woman in October. According to an eye-witness report, the man drove up to the woman and attempted to buy drugs from her. She leaned through his passenger side window and was in the middle of […] Read More

Overview of Shoplifting Charges in California

Did you know that shoplifting crimes tend to increase around the holidays? Feeling the pressure of the season, some people resort to stealing presents for their loved ones when they cannot be afforded. A Carson City man’s attempt to steal a ring from a local Target was unsuccessful in the days before Christmas. Now, instead […] Read More

What is Return Fraud?

This holiday season, many San Diego retailers will be on high alert for any acts of fraud and theft that may hurt their bottom line. This includes acts return fraud, which occurs when you return property that you have not purchased. Return fraud can occur when you steal an item and return it in exchange […] Read More

What Happens When You’re Pulled Over for a DUI?

During the holiday season, drivers are more likely to have a few drinks and then get behind the wheel of a car. When this happens, it puts the lives of that driver, their passengers, and anyone else on the road at risk of serious injury and even death. In order to combat drunk driving, California […] Read More

California Motion to Suppress Evidence

In California, the prosecution can be prohibited from using any evidence that was gained illegally. This prohibition is not automatic - as the defendant, you must ask the court to suppress any illegally-obtained evidence. This request is made when your attorney files a formal motion to suppress evidence. It is important to understand when evidence […] Read More

Understanding the Arraignment Process

Have you been arrested and are criminal charges in San Diego? If so, it is important to understand how the early phase of the criminal proceedings against you will unfold. The Arraignment hearing is the first official legal proceeding in a criminal case. Here is a brief overview of the Arraignment process in San Diego. […] Read More

Protesters and Criminal Trespassing Charges

SeaWorld is not a stranger to protests. Each summer, many animal rights activists line up in front of the San Diego attraction armed with megaphones and posters. Earlier this summer, SeaWorld asked the San Diego County Superior Court to issue a restraining order against at least three of these protestors. The protesters who were named […] Read More

Harvey Weinstein is the latest Hollywood heavyweight to be accused of sexually-unacceptable behavior. Stories told by dozens of female celebrities and Hollywood insiders have shaken the nation. Some accusations in these stories recall seemingly minor incidents of sexual harassment, while other stories paint a darker image. At least 5 women have accused Weinstein of rape. […] Read More

Understanding Factual Innocence

Every time a person is arrested for a crime in California a record of that arrest is created. It does not matter if the person is actually guilty of the crime. Arrest records in California are available to the public. This means that if you have been wrongfully arrested in California, a record of that […] Read More

Fighting Charges for Being Drunk in Public in San Diego

Earlier this summer, actor Miles Teller was reportedly arrested in Pacific Beach for being drunk in public. Teller was in town visiting a friend when he ran into a San Diego police officer shortly after midnight. The officer described Teller as visibly intoxicated, stating that he was slurring his speech, had difficulty keeping his balance, […] Read More