Information On Federal Criminal Case For PPP Loan Fraud

There was serious economic pain felt by the world during COVID-19. The pandemic forced several businesses like bars, restaurants, etc. as non-essential and was closed either temporarily or permanently. The Paycheck Protection Program and Small Business Administration funds provided enough federal funds for the qualified people who had to face unemployment during the pandemic and temporarily increased the flow of finance. But, the outcome of availing easy funds did not turn out to be good as the receivers made no justice and ended with penalty charges. The borrowers should also know that defrauding a state government with Small Business Administration funds will attract several criminal charges. Under such a situation, there is a need to hire the best San Diego criminal attorney to be able to face criminal allegations.

A famous and recognized attorney, Vikas Bajaj, has represented clients in state and federal court for criminal charges related to PPP loan fraud.

How Did The Circle Of Loan And Fraud Start?

Things changed suddenly when the pandemic hit the majority of parts of the USA. The secured funds with individuals started being used for daily routine due to a lack of employment. Many people were laid off from their jobs without any prior information and the world was facing the wrong time to get a new job instantly. Available funds were used to buy daily essentials like groceries, etc. and people were soon left with no financial backup. The only option was to apply for Government assistance which became the need for all those who were left unemployed. When accurate representations were not made after availing loan, is the situation wherein the Government felt something wrong.

What Are The Chances Of Proving The PPP Loan Fraud?

When the paperwork gets mixed up at the federal level, an individual might be accused of fraud. The central authority, SBA has the right to scan the submitted documents and to list those who have not repaid the loan amount. Now, when things are back to normalcy, SBA would expect regular loan payments but if that is not initiated, it will start an investigation. It will further result in criminal charges if enough proof of innocence is not submitted. The reputed lawyer Vikas Bajaj, helps in taking the correct steps that would save your reputation and rights.

When To Contact The Best Criminal Attorney In San Diego?

At the Law Office Of Vikas Bajaj, the criminal defense attorney has the required skill set and history of fighting & representing the side of the client and protecting them during investigations and prosecutions. The lawyer would help from negations to quick investigation along with the filing of criminal charges to the jury trial.

Mr. Bajaj – The best criminal defense attorney in San Diego would successfully represent clients at every stage of the federal criminal case for PPP loan fraud. For initial consultation, contact (619) 525-7005.


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