Rancho Santa Fe Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you in search of a good criminal defense attorney in Rancho Santa Fe? If you are arrested for violating a simple or severe law, you cannot afford to go to trial without enough preparation and a defense strategy in mind. In such a situation, our Rancho Santa Fe criminal defense attorney would help build a comprehensive case. You can contact the Law Office Of Vikas Bajaj, APC which is conveniently located in Downtown San Diego. Call us today for an initial consultation near ZIP Code 92091.

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We are proud to offer powerful legal guidance along with convenient counsel to our esteemed clients. Our office is located directly across the street from the San Diego courthouse.

San Diego Office Address:

2150 1st Avenue, Suite 200,

San Diego, CA 92101.

We handle all forms of criminal cases in and around Rancho Santa Fe ZIP Code 92091 which is 25.8 miles away from our office. One can easily reach via I-5 s.

Being one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Rancho Santa Fe makes us more responsible in helping every client even those with challenging case details. At the Law Office Of Vikas Bajaj, we would strongly stand with our clients and will always be ready to act in uncompromising ways depending on the severity of the charges. We would go an extra mile for our clients to get a fair chance in court for their right to freedom.

Rancho Santa Fe Criminal Defense Attorney

Clients trust our Rancho Santa Fe criminal defense attorney, Mr. Vikas Bajaj to fight any charges, including:

  • Violent Crimes
  • Property Crime
  • Sex Crimes
  • Veteran’s Law
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Expungement
  • Drug Crimes
  • Brandishing a Weapon or Firearm
  • Federal Crimes
  • Restraining Orders
  • Theft Crimes
  • Welfare Fraud
  • Military
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • DUI
  • Driving Offences

A criminal conviction has serious lifelong consequences and includes misdemeanor charges that would end up with heavy fines or a specific term in jail. In case of a felony charge, the penalties would be extremely terrible, along with life imprisonment.

Hire The Best Rancho Santa Fe Criminal Defense Specialist Vikas Bajaj

For more than 20 years, criminal defense attorney Vikas Bajaj has devoted his career to defending the rights of the illegally accused throughout Rancho Santa Fe. His lengthy experience with the law has gifted him with good relationships with the city attorney, federal United States attorney, district attorney, etc. Now, he uses his secured relationships to prove the client’s innocence and for further cross-examinations and thorough investigations of evidence to reduce or dismiss charges.

The endeavors that set Mr. Bajaj apart from other lawyers are his reputation and his quest to serve his clients to the best of his abilities. An average lawyer might not go this far to protect his client’s freedom but with our Rancho Santa Fe criminal defense attorney, you can expect extensive education, expert guidance, and rigorous testing.

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At the Law Office Of Vikas Bajaj, APC, our Rancho Santa Fe criminal defense attorney has a mission to provide excellent advocacy at affordable prices. With our compassion towards the client’s case and the required aggression for the opposing party, Mr. Bajaj has earned a solid reputation. Check out the newest videos in the media section of our website. If you have been arrested in Rancho Santa Fe ZIP Code 92091, schedule your initial case consultation today.