When Cyberbullying Turns Out To Be A Crime?

Bullying is something that everyone has heard about, and it has been a part of colleges and schools. These days, people have access to the internet, mobile phones, and social media apps. Due to this, it is simple for them to reach out to large crowds online. Cyberbullying is one of the most stressful issues going around. The victim of cyberbullying faces trauma for life, and the bully might have to pay hefty fines and serve jail time. It means both the victim and bully suffer when it comes to cyberbullying.

At times, cyberbullying leads to anxiety and depression, which impacts the emotional and mental safety of a person.You need to understand when cyberbullying turns out to be a crime so you can protect your child and their future. A Hillcrest criminal defense attorney can help you to understand cyberbullying better, but here is some basic information about cyberbullying as a crime.

Cyberbullying crime

Cyberbullying involves utilizing electronic gadgets and the internet to scare, annoy, harass, or mentally harm a person. It also involves intentional hacking to cause inconvenience and fear. Sharing images, videos, messages, or links personally or in the group, leads to cyberbullying.

There are cyberbullying-related laws, which include numerous rules and regulations. As per this law, any electronic media involving emails or text with the intention to harass, threaten, harm, or cause fear to a person or their family becomes a crime. Moreover, the risk to mental and physical well-being through electronic means also becomes a cybercrime.

Publishing images, messages, screenshots, personal information, and videos without the person’s consent puts the publisher at risk of being charged guilty of cyberbullying. The publisher might bear hefty fines or jail time, or both. If you want to know about the consequences of such a crime in your case, a Hillcrest criminal defense attorney can assist you better.

Top forms of cyberbullying

A victim of cyberbullying might face one or more forms of it, as the bullies want to harm by all possible means. Being aware of the different forms of it is necessary to be vigilant. Also, when you have a Hillcrest criminal defense attorney on your side, you can plan your actions well. Below are some forms of cyberbullying that you need to be aware of:

  • Fraudulent social media profiles

Anyone online might find your account and create a similar profile and might even send messages to your friends.

  • Online harassment

It comprises intentionally saying bad things, sending threatening messages, or asking for pictures. If a person is constantly sending such messages and expecting replies, it generates stress and fear.

  • Mean comments

A person might post some mean comments under your videos and pictures. For this, many people create fake accounts. One way to discourage such fake people is to limit the comment section or keep your profile private.

  • Cyberstalking

A cyberstalker might be a person who might keep a watch on you through your online profile and might lead to physical harm or endanger your safety.

  • Humiliation

A person might find sensitive information about you and utilize it to humiliate you. He might share your personal information with others to embarrass you.

  • Dissing

It comprises someone sharing unkind details about you, which can damage your reputation, friendship, and relationship.

  • Fraping

Fraping refers to imitating someone through taking over their social media account and sharing unsuitable content with others online.

  • Trolling

A group of bullies or a bully might make fun of a person a by editing pictures, intentionally insulting, or using bad language on social media profiles. The newest trend of trolling is developing memes and circulating over the web.

  • Catfishing

It includes stealing your pictures, using them to develop profiles, and speaking to others with this developed identity. A catfish uses someone else’s identity and leaks information to strangers. It can hamper the reputation of the victim.

  • Trickery

By using trickery, a stranger might gain your trust, and you might share your secrets. After this, the stranger might use such information to embarrass you in public.

 Is cyberbullying illegal in San Diego?

Yes, cyberbullying is not legal in San Diego. A person caught under cyberbullying activity might face consequences like a fine, jail time, or both. It depends on case to case. The bully has to face criminal charges  for posting others’ personal information through electronic devices. In San Diego, cyberbullying is considered a misdemeanor offense, as posting the personal information of others can lead to fear and stress. On top of that, it is illegal to harass someone over the web. If you are facing cyberbullying without wasting any time, you need to get in touch with an experienced and reliable Hillcrest criminal defense attorney. The Hillcrest criminal defense attorney will help you to know your rights and help to protect them.

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