What Defense Strategies Can Be Used For Allegations Related To Drug Manufacturing In San Diego?

Drug offenses are taken seriously by the federal government, especially when it is related to the manufacturing of drugs. If a person gets charged with manufacturing drugs, there is a risk of facing jail time of around four to seven years if guilty. Hence hiring an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney is extremely vital. At the same time, it is good to have knowledge about the common defense strategies related to drug manufacturing.

Penalties related to drug manufacturing

The action of manufacturing a controlled substance or illegal drug can result in a felony sentencing with a fine of up to $50,000 and imprisonment of 3 or more years in the state jail. Moreover, the prosecutor has the right to demand extended sentencing in case of aggravating circumstances.

The action to possess compounds, chemicals, or components needed for manufacturing illegal drugs can lead to a sentencing of 2 or more years in the state jail. There is always a potential for a sentence enhancement if the circumstances aggravate.

Common factors that ease drug charges

The judge analyzes any information related to culpability. It comprises objective facts. However, it can also be details related to the character of the defendant or crime circumstances. Some of the common factors that have an impact on your sentencing are:

  • Drug addiction – only if you are taking precautionary steps to fight with it
  • No criminal history
  • Your role in the crime was minor
  • Physical or mental disorder
  • Genuine remorse
  • Personal or situational circumstances like stress, emotional issues, etc.

Defense strategies used for drug manufacturing

Depending on the case, defense strategies are applied. You and your San Diego criminal defense attorney must decide the defense strategies that are best suitable for your case. Some of the defense strategies that your attorney can utilize for drug manufacturing cases are as follows:

No participation in the process of manufacturing

There is a possibility of your presence at the manufacturing unit or communal place wherein manufatcuring of drugs took place without being aware of drug manufacturing. Your San Diego criminal defense attorney will study your case well and determine if such a defense is suitable for your case.

Unfair search

As per the Constitution of the United States, only when the police authorities have a warrant they have the right to carry out search on your property. If the police authorities have adeqaute proof relevant to the alleged crime, a warrant is issued. The evidence gained through an unauthorized search cannot be used at the trial.

False accusations

False accusations involve numerous possible situations:

An unreliable law enforcement authority

An eyewitness wrongly recognized you as the offender

An attempt to avoid criminal activity

Not initiating the process of drug manufacturing

The activities initially carried out for the drug-making procedure like purchasing the ingredients needed or assembling the ingredients, are not considered illegal unless the ingredients themselves are restricted. If you do not possess all the components or proper manufacturing equipment, it can work in your favor. Proving such a defense can be highly challenging. For proving such a defense, a well-experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney can be helpful.


For such a defense, you and your attorney need to prove your absence at the crime scene. To prove this, you will require witness testimony, surveillance footage, or phone records. Such evidence proves you were at some other place during the crime scene. A skilled drug possession lawyer San Diego can assist you in obtaining such evidence.


Entrapment is the circumstance wherein a police officer or any other person influences you to commit a crime, which you might otherwise not commit. Some strategies used for intimidating to commit crimes are blackmail, force, threats, intimidation, flattery, etc.

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