What Are The Legal Implications Of Prostitution Stings And Entrapment?

California has had an inconsistent stance when it comes to prostitution. Despite its illegal status, the state has passed legislation that can protect prostitutes in some specific cases. However, they’ve also kept up efforts to reduce the act of prostitution as much as they can. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in San Diego can provide valuable advice and guidance during this challenging time. Vikas Bajaj, a prostitution attorney in San Diego, is aware of the severe penalties involved in prostitution and can help his client in all possible ways.

Law enforcement uses sting operations to capture and prosecute those who engage in this illegal activity. To secure a conviction for prostitution or solicitation, the prosecutor must prove that payment was made in exchange for sexual services or that the intention was to engage in prostitution. This is an essential prerequisite for a successful prosecution.

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How Are Prostitution Stings Helpful To The Law Enforcement?

The primary objective of a prostitution sting is to catch potential customers for soliciting services. Arrests of prostitutes or individuals involved in pimping and pandering are rare occurrences.

  • Prostitution stings are part of law enforcement operations where an undercover officer attempts to apprehend those who solicit prostitution services.
  • Law enforcement officers have been using effective yet unorthodox tactics to track down the solicitation of prostitutes.
  • These include posing as a prostitute online, posting false ads on web forums and websites, and even renting out fake massage parlors to arrest individuals who are likely intending to solicit a prostitute.

If a prosecutor wants to accuse you of soliciting prostitution, they must provide evidence you were willing to pay someone or provide other forms of compensation in exchange for a sexual act and had the intention to follow through with that act. If someone enters a massage parlor and attempts to pay for any type of sexual activity, he can be held legally liable for the act of solicitation. This is punishable by law and could result in serious consequences. If you are facing a prostitution charge in San Diego, it’s wise to seek legal help from an experienced attorney.

What Are The Consequences If Convicted Of A Solicitation?

In California, solicitation is considered a misdemeanor and comes with sentencing that increases in severity based on prior convictions.

  • For first-time offenders, up to 6 months in jail and/or a fine of $1000 may be imposed.
  • If a defendant is caught for a second time, they can face up to 45 days in prison. A third offense could lead to 90 days behind bars.
  • Furthermore, those who engage in illegal activities such as procuring minors, acting inappropriately in public, or taking part in prostitution may be charged with more serious offenses.

A reliable attorney has the knowledge and expertise to build your defense with the right evidence and ensure you get the best outcome for your specific case. If a law enforcement officer enticed you to do something that you wouldn’t have done on your own, your attorney could use the defense of entrapment in court. This can be used as an argument against any charges brought against you relating to the crime.

When To Argue Prostitution Stings As Entrapment?

Soliciting cases can be difficult to handle, but a prostitution attorney in San Diego can use the argument of entrapment as one of their primary defenses.

Entrapment is a legal term for when somebody is unfairly manipulated into committing a crime they wouldn’t usually participate in, due to deceitful means, violence, dread, pressurization, or intimidation.

If you want a successful entrapment defense, your lawyer has to show two distinct points: That the police caused or facilitated you carrying out a crime and that you had no intention of committing said crime before being involved by law enforcement.

Entrapment is a defense tactic applicable in solicitation cases when a defendant is persuaded or coerced by law enforcement officers into paying money for acts that they would not have committed otherwise.

When undercover officers are employed, they may use indirect methods to tempt defendants into committing a crime. This could include using vague language to offer services, trying to force or threaten them into buying sexual favors, or creating the impression that they’re purchasing an ordinary service like a massage.

Successful entrapment defense requires the professional assistance of a San Diego criminal defense attorney from the Law Office Of Vikas Bajaj. His skill set and expertise are essential for such cases. With 19+ years in the field of San Diego criminal defense, Mr. Bajaj is an expert in analyzing your charges and developing powerful defense strategies. He’s committed to protecting your rights and providing you with the best defense possible.

If you face a solicitation of prostitution charge in San Diego, don’t hesitate to contact us at 619-525-7005 for an initial assessment. We are here to evaluate your case and provide legal assistance.


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