What Are San Diego’s Online Child Exploitation And Sex Abuse Penalties?

California laws on online sex abuse are stringent and complicated with confusion about what is considered online sex abuse and what is not. Herein, many people fear their life will automatically be ruined if they receive such a charge. But it is not a complete truth and one must not stick to the assumption that their life has ended simply upon receiving an internet sex or solicitation charge.

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What Are The Criminal Charges For Online Sex Abuse?

Depending on the type of activity, online sexual exploitation can lead to different criminal charges. A few of the most often encountered are listed here for reference.

Child Pornography

California has strict laws in place that forbid the creation, possession, and distribution of child pornography.

  • This includes any material or visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexual activity.
  • It’s illegal in California to knowingly share, transport, produce, own, or copy child pornography to pass it on.
  • Depending on the severity of the offense, one can face either misdemeanor or felony child pornography charges.
  • A misdemeanor carries a potential jail time of up to one year while a felony has a jail sentence potential of three years.
  • The intensity of your penalties depends on the level of your contribution to the crime.
  • Furthermore, a conviction for child pornography in California would mandate that you register as a sex offender, possibly lasting until you die.
  • Consequently, as an enrolled sex wrongdoer, you may be prevented from living in chosen zones or communities.
  • If you’re placed on probation, Megan’s Website might be your landing point and you can expect to see a picture of yourself, details about your whereabouts, conviction data, and other identifying details.
  • Additionally, internet usage could be monitored for safeguarding purposes.

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Sexual Exploitation Of A Child

In the State of California, it is a punishable offense to knowingly create or distribute content that depicts a minor involved in any form of sexual activity.

  • Anyone found doing so is liable to face the consequences according to Penal Code Section 311.3.
  • This ruling covers all manner of sex offenders, particularly those accessing the web to trade child pornography.
  • It’s almost a specific network created by such individuals for this purpose.
  • Sexual conduct is inclusive of, but not limited to activities like sexual intercourse, vaginal penetration, masturbation sadomasochistic and sodomy abuse.
  • If a person commits the crime of sexual exploitation of a child in California, it will be considered a misdemeanor.
  • However, if the individual has had prior convictions for the same offense, then it will be treated as a more serious criminal violation.

Are You Facing The Above-Discussed Sex Abuse Charges?

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