Sex Crimes on College Campuses

For criminal defendants, those that have allegedly committed crimes that are sexual in nature face some of the most severe possible consequences.

Not only do many sexual crimes have stiff possible jail sentences, but sex-related convictions require offenders to register as sex offenders, which may have a detrimental effect on their personal, family, and professional lives. This is particularly true among young offenders and those in college that have the possibility of a sexual crimes criminal conviction following them for the rest of their lives.

If you have been accused of a sex-related crime in the San Diego area, attorney Vikas Bajaj can help.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Thousands of sexual assaults and rape incidents occur on college campuses each year, and they are significantly under-reported. Many universities and school districts take it upon themselves to conduct independent investigations, but participating in such an investigation may harm your defense and compromise your legal rights.

While it is always important to be cooperative to the extent possible, if you have been accused of a sex-related incident, it is always best to consult with a highly skilled criminal defense attorney. Understanding who you should and should not speak with, what the possible consequences are, and how this accusation may affect your standing at the university, your career prospects, and criminal history are all things that must be addressed as soon as allegations are brought to light.

Campus sexual assaults are often tricky because the victim may have a prior consensual relationship with the alleged offender. Additionally, many of these cases involve the use of drugs or alcohol, making memories of the alleged participants and witnesses unreliable.

The possible consequences may also vary depending on whether you were on or off campus during the alleged incident, the age of the alleged victim, and the nature of the charges being brought against you. The consequences your university considers will also vary and can be detrimental to student-athletes or those on scholarship.

In addition to rape and sexual assault, students may also face criminal repercussions for using school computers or network access to visit explicit chat rooms, engage in prostitution or solicitation, upload explicit photographs of others without consent, or generally use the internet for unauthorized purposes.

There are many layers of possible sexual misconduct on college campuses, all of which have significant associated penalties if the alleged offender is convicted.

San Diego, California Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

If ultimately convicted of a sex crime, you may lose your educational access, financial status, privacy, and freedom. All sex crime allegations are serious and may result in penalties that will affect you for the rest of your life.

As soon as you discover you have been suspected of a sexual crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC right away. Attorney Bajaj advocates for his clients and truly believes there are two sides to every story.

Understanding the possible effect criminal charges can have on a young person’s life, Mr. Bajaj will do everything possible to negotiate a lesser charge, a reasonable sentence, or a complete dismissal when warranted. Contact him today at (619) 525-7005 to begin protecting your future.


Sex Crimes

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