Murder Charges: Potential Punishments and Common Defenses

The toughest crime a person can commit is murder. The murder charges are highly severe. However, not all people accused of murder charges are guilty. Are you charged with false murder charges in Coronado? If yes, the foremost thing to do is to contact a reliable Coronado criminal defense attorney. However, you need to know about the potential punishments you could face and the different defense strategies your lawyer can use for your case.

Potential punishments for murder charges

The main two types of murder charges are first-degree murder and second-degree murder. Both these types of murder have different potential punishments. The potential punishments for these two types of murder charges are as follows:

First-degree murder charges punishment: The punishment for first-degree murder charges can be as tough as the sentence of around twenty-five years of prison. If the murder is found to be a hate crime, the punishment can be extended to a lifetime of imprisonment, and there are no chances for parole.

Second-degree murder charges punishment: The punishment for second-degree murder charges can be around fifteen years of imprisonment. It can be lifetime imprisonment in the following cases:

  • If the accused has a past criminal history
  • If the person murdered was a member of the law enforcement
  • If the murder was due to discharging a firearm from the auto

Common defense strategies for murder charges

The defense strategies used for murder charges to prove innocence are based on the specific accusations and situations of the case. Every murder case is different. A reputed Coronado criminal defense attorney will carefully frame a defense strategy based on the circumstances of the case. Due to this, hiring an experienced attorney is crucial. The Coronado criminal defense attorney you choose must be knowledgeable and dedicated to framing the correct defense strategy.

There are some common defense strategies the attorney often uses in the courtroom for murder cases. Learning these strategies can assist you in preparing your case in a better manner. These strategies are noted below:


Self-defense is one of the most common defense strategies used by the criminal defense attorney in Coronado. It is the act wherein a person kills another person while defending oneself, as another person intended to harm you. Using this kind of strategy is not easy. It requires proper justification. Justifying self-defense is tough. It requires proving that the accused used force to defend them from the assault.

Heat passion

If the accused causes harm to another person in the outbreak of passion, the accused faces involuntary manslaughter charges. In such a situation, the charges of first or second-degree murder do not apply. Such a defense strategy results in a lesser sentence.

Diminished capacity

Diminished capacity or insanity is the defense strategy that challenges the mental capacity of the accused. It requires proving the accused did not purposely intend murder. In such a situation, the Coronado criminal defense attorney challenges the accused capabilities for making an informed decision at the time of the murder. There are two kinds of diminished capacity defense strategies, which are as follows:


It refers to the impaired mental capacity of the accused at the time of the murder. It can be due to mental illness, intoxication, or trauma. Based on the circumstances, when such a defense strategy is used, it can lead to lessened or acquittal charges.

Mental disorder

If the accused suffers mental disorder, their charges can lessen, as the accused has the inability to form the intention of murder. But, to apply this strategy, written evidence of such disorder is required. Such a defense can lead to the verdict of not guilty because of insanity.

Who in Coronado can develop a powerful criminal defense strategy for a murder case?

Being arrested on a false murder charge can make life difficult. It is highly crucial that you take the proper measures to enhance your possibility of a successful defense. For this, you need to learn in detail about the types of murder charges, facts regarding various kinds of manslaughter, and the potential punishment and defense strategies. But, there is something even more vital than this which is hiring the right Coronado criminal defense attorney.

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