Importance Of San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney In Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude

It is a scary experience when you or anyone you know gets arrested. When the arrest is made for the crime of moral turpitude, the punishment is going to be severe. The first thing that is expected is contacting a good San Diego criminal defense attorney to be able to navigate the system smoothly while protecting your rights. Let’s understand moral turpitude in detail:

Moral Turpitude: It means those activities or conduct which is contrary to the community standards. Any behavioral conduct which cannot be accepted by society or is harmful to the people is termed moral turpitude.

In the cases of moral turpitude, the prosecution has to prove that the particular activity was conducted with evil intent. It was an act that had the intent of crime and was not just an act of negligence.

Consequences: You should know the consideration in the eyes of law related to the crime of moral turpitude. The activity should be classified as a moral turpitude crime and the convicted person would have to face penalties and other serious legal consequences. The San Diego criminal defense attorney would try to prove the details shared by his client and would make sure that his client gets a green signal from the court. The negative consequences can shatter your life so hiring the services of a lawyer is always recommended. You would not have to face severe moral turpitude conviction with the right legal procedure.

Lawyer’s responsibility: A San Diego criminal defense attorney will help his client who has been arrested for a crime of moral turpitude by proving his innocence. It is the responsibility of the hired criminal defense lawyer to navigate his client through the legal system and also protect the rights in all possible ways. An experienced lawyer handling criminal cases would help you in the following ways:

  • Detailed investigation: Your attorney would start working on your case and would investigate every detail. It includes verifying the evidence and knowing more from the list of witnesses. There might be several new pieces of evidence in support of your innocence that the criminal defense attorney in San Diego might uncover. Allow the hired professional to undertake a detailed investigation and you will see better results soon. 
  • Negotiation at the right time: The lawyer knows the importance of right steps at the right time so he would initiate a negotiation with the prosecutor as soon as he realizes the details of the case. The client would not know the way to convince the prosecutor of a settlement. The punishment, penalty, or charges in this particular case would get reduced with the negotiation at the right time. 
  • Possible legal defenses: Your attorney will work hard when the trial begins to build a strong defense. The defenses depend on the facts of the case and the common defenses involving crimes of moral turpitude are mistaken identity, self-defense, insufficient evidence, and lack of intent. 

So, you need to contact the best criminal defense attorney in San Diego today if involved in a crime of moral turpitude. You need to schedule a free consultation with the best attorney and discuss the case. Call (619) 525-7005 and talk to Mr. Bajaj.


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