Hiring Leading Hillcrest Criminal Defense Attorney To Fight Murder Charges

It is an emotionally weak time when you or your loved ones have to face false murder charges. Any innocent individual will be in emotional and psychological terror in a such difficult situation. It is better to turn to a reputed Hillcrest criminal defense attorney for his legal assistance. The right way to secure the chance of a better outcome is to immediately contact the law office of Vikas Bajaj. Learn more about the murder charges with this suggested first step and you would see some drastically improved signs:

Know The Definition Of Murder According To The Law

The law recognizes murder under a set of specific circumstances that sum up to be a subtype of homicide. The act that constitutes murder would be either:

  • Intentional
  • Unlawful
  • A malice afterthought
  • Premeditation, etc.

Know Various Types Of Murder Charges

You would be able to prepare your case better with the support of the criminal defense attorney in Hillcrest. But more important is to understand the main categories of murder apart from the general definition of murder.

  1. First-Degree Murder: When the act was preplanned and deliberately a person was killed, it is first-degree murder. It is a premeditated act that takes place either by using poison or any other form planned to kill a person.
  2. Second Degree Murder: It is a category that includes the killing of a person without any prior plans. Certain acts might result in ending an individual’s life due to some of the actions, for example, playing Russian roulette, and other acts with the intent to cause serious injury but ended up in a murder.
  3. Felony Murder: An act that was intentional or not but was committed while some other type of crime was thought of. It means that the murder happened due to a person’s negligence while driving under influence or when a robbery is committed.

Know The Leading Criminal Defense Attorney In Hillcrest To Help With The Murder Case

Your life would get badly affected by one false murder accusation. So you need to do everything possible for improving your chances of a favorable outcome. Your defense strategy must be very strong to prove your innocence and the charges to be false. Out of the list of common defense strategies, your lawyer would suggest the best one after understanding your case. Even, the punishments should be discussed in each unfavorable situation.

Most importantly, hiring the best lawyer well-known with criminal defense strategies would be your best bet. You would be in a better position to discuss the entire case and its outcome with a knowledgeable lawyer. This troubling time would also get settled with the legal support of a professional who has been handling criminal cases for a long time and knows the in & out of the murder charges. Contact Mr. Bajaj today for an initial consultation.


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