Can You Get Child Endangerment Charges Dropped?

A conviction for child endangerment can turn your life upside down. Not only do you have to face heavy legal punishment, but you might also need to contend with a long-term battle for custody and visitation with your children. It is certainly a difficult situation, but there may be hope. Depending on the circumstances, one might be able to get a child endangerment charge dropped or reduced and get their life back on track. San Diego child endangerment attorney, Mr. Vikas Bajaj, and his team at the Law Office Of Vikas Bajaj, APC, understand the client’s situation and their helplessness.

With around 19 years of experience, Mr. Vikas Bajaj, who is certified in criminal law by the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization, your child’s endangerment charges may be dropped. You are sure to get the best legal defense and representation that you deserve.

Let’s understand child endangerment penalties and charges in-depth:

Know the Meaning Of Child Endangerment

According to Penal Code section 273a, child endangerment is the intentional placement of a minor in a situation where they could potentially be killed or receive serious bodily harm. It also includes allowing or causing physical pain or mental anguish to the child.

Section 273a of the Penal Code indicates that any act which endangers a child’s health is considered to be child endangerment. According to this code, an individual younger than 18 years of age would be defined as a ‘child’. You should always consult with a San Diego child endangerment attorney to find out if child endangerment is categorized as a felony or misdemeanor. It will provide enough clarity around the gravity of the charge against you and can be an important factor in your legal strategy.

Know Penalties Under Child Endangerment Case

California has something called ‘wobblers’ – crimes that prosecutors can charge as either a misdemeanor or felony. Penal Code section 273a(a) is an example of this; its punishments are flexible and could range from a felony to a misdemeanor.

If the court rules that the facts of the child endangerment case support a misdemeanor charge, you could face imprisonment in county jail for as long as one year. If the judge deems it necessary to punish you severely, they may decide to send you to state prison for either two, four, or six years.

Know More About Child Endangerment Charges

Child abuse and neglect are gravely serious offenses that fall under the California Penal Code section 270. This code outlines the obligations of parents to provide necessities – food, shelter, clothing, medical care, etc. – for their child’s wellbeing. Refusal or failure to comply with this mandate can result in criminal charges against the parent or guardian.

  • Child Neglect – Depending on the severity of the case, child neglect can result in jail time of up to 1 year as well as a monetary fine of $2,000. If it is determined that negligence is continuing, the crime could be charged either as a misdemeanor or felony. Depending on the severity of the crime, the accused could potentially receive a one-year prison sentence in a state correctional facility, or an alternate one-year county jail sentence imposed by the court.
  • Child Abuse – The California Penal Code has two sections (273ab and 273d) that protect minors from physical abuse from those in their care. If a person is convicted of killing a child aged below 8, they could face 25 years to life imprisonment under Penalty Code Section 273ab.

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