Encinitas Criminal Defense Attorney

An effective legal representation is necessary when you or your loved one face criminal charges in Encinitas, California. Whether you are convicted for the first time, a strong case needs to be represented in court. The consequences of criminal charges will ruin your life and make every day worst for you. But, to protect your future, you need an efficient Encinitas criminal defense attorney to fight aggressively with the right legal strategy. He is the best person to work for securing your future as others might stand with you but cannot help you avoid long-lasting consequences.

Our Encinitas criminal defense attorney, Mr. Vikas Bajaj has years of experience in representing clients and helping them secure their future that gets damaged due to felony or misdemeanor charges. He is a confident professional and has a very strong relationship with the authorities making it easy for him to communicate even minor matters. He assures favorable results after discussing the case and would strive hard to reach the client’s expectations.

Trust Us For Different Types Of Criminal Charge Cases In Encinitas

Our attorney Vikas Bajaj has worked on several criminal cases and has been a fair-weather friend to his clients. Whether it is in or out of the courtroom, Mr. Bajaj has been continuously working on the case to make sure the client gets justice. Some of the criminal cases that are headed by the law office of Vikas Bajaj are:

Assault and Battery cases – When harmful contact is established even if just the use of physical force against a person, it is termed assault and battery. It should be reported to the police and a case of criminal charge can be initiated. 

White-collar crimes – Criminal cases involving people in a higher positions of power like business professionals, celebrities, government officials, etc are termed as white-collar. There might be illegal transactions that the Encinitas criminal defense attorney would study and collect evidence to prove the client’s point of view.

Domestic violence – It is continuous abuse or threat caused by the person in a close romantic relationship. It would be a course of action that would have resulted in domestic violence. Discuss it with your criminal lawyer in Encinitas and find a legal way out.

DUI – When the driver is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drug, a DUI case is registered. It is a criminal charge which has long-lasting consequences if proven as the driver’s license might get revoked along with penalty and punishment. So get legal advice from the hired criminal lawyer regarding your DUI case.

It is a long list of practice areas that Mr. Bajaj handles and has even solved over the years. Keeping in mind the aggression of the prosecutor, your criminal lawyer will work in your interest to protect you whether a first-time or repeat offender. 

Encinitas Criminal Defense Attorney

Common Punishment/Penalty As A Part Of Criminal Conviction

Every charge that is proved in court comes with a punishment. A criminal conviction will have consequences like probation, incarceration, rehabilitation programs, fine, loss of license, etc. The harsh consequence could be several years in prison or paying thousands of dollars in fines. Your hired lawyer in Encinitas, California would craft a defense after getting complete case details. He would spend time before final representation in court. Mr. Bajaj has an office located in San Diego, California where you can visit for a personal consultation regarding your case and allow the lawyer to come up with a suitable criminal defense strategy. 

Meet a seasoned Encinitas criminal defense attorney with your serious criminal case details. Every client is important to our lawyer so respect from our lawyer is obvious apart from the confidence due to a record of success. The best part is that our past clients and peers recognize the journey of Mr. Bajaj which exhibits his skills and professionalism. You can call (619) 525-7005 for an initial consultation regarding the criminal charge you are facing or visit our San Diego office at:

2150 1st Avenue, Suite 200,

San Diego, CA 92101.