March 2020

Not Guilty Verdict at Trial.

San Diego Superior Court, Downtown Courthouse: Client charged felony strike for an alleged assault causing great bodily injury to a juvenile. Client was facing a multiple year prison sentence with any plea deal offered by the District Attorney. Attorney Bajaj performs a thorough investigation into the case and rejects all offers made by the District Attorney.

September 2020

No Charges Filed

San Diego Superior Court, Downtown Courthouse: Client arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after stabbing a person. Client was facing a potential prison sentence and loss of his teaching license. Attorney Bajaj was able to investigate the arrest, determine the Client was acting in self-defense, and presented the case to the prosecution prior to the case being filed.

June 2019

Case Dismissed Prior to Trial!

San Diego Superior Court, Vista Courthouse: Client charged with felony assault against police officer. Client was facing a prison sentence.

February 2020

No Charges Filed!

San Diego Superior Court, East County Division: Client was arrested for felony vandalism. Client was facing a rejection of his admission into college with any criminal charge or conviction. Attorney Bajaj was able to negotiate a civil compromise with the complaining witness and the District Attorney’s Office prior to the case being filed.

May 2019

Felony charges dismissed, Disturbing the Peace Misdemeanor, No Jail!

Riverside Superior Court, Murrieta Courthouse: Client arrested and charged with multiple domestic violence strike felonies. Attorney Bajaj prepared a thorough investigation of the complaining witness and pushed the case to the eve of trial.

July 2020

All assault and battery charges dismissed, case resolves for PC 415 infraction, no jail!

Orange County Superior Court, West Justice Center: Husband and Wife arrested and charged with multiple assault charges and battery on a police officer. District Attorney was demanding both Husband and Wife serve multiple month jail sentences. Attorney Bajaj prepared and litigated several pretrial motions to expose the weaknesses of the District Attorney’s Case.